Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conner's new obsession!

Jared got a new gun and all Conner could say when he saw it was "Oh my goodness" over and over. All he wanted for Christmas was a BIG gun like dad's. Well bud, A Nerf will have to do for now!

Fun at Classic Skating!

I never realized how many fun things there were at Classic Skating. My kids would have slept there if the workers wouldn't have kicked us out! (although that wouldn't have been so bad on the bouncy slides!)

Any time we all go out as a family, Jaye Lee always thinks we are having Family Home Evening. No matter what day it is, if she has fun with the's FHE! She has great ideas for FHE everyday! Classic Skating is now one of those ideas!

I miss being a kid!

Jaye Lee and Conner would have played in the snow all day, everyday if I would have let them. They had so much fun making snowmen, filling buckets, catching snow in their mouths, and freezing their little bums off. They always wanted hot chocolate with real marshmallows to warm them up when they were done. I miss being a kid!

Ally and I got to stay warm and shoot pics from the porch! She wanted to get down with the kids SO bad!
Conner is sweet and shy...

Jaye Lee is full of energy and sassy...
Ally is our precious baby!