Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbow Lake

Every year, my dad goes back packing to Rainbow Lake in the Uintas (its about a 15 mile hike). Growing up, it was one of my favorite trips. Ever since I graduated, I haven't been back until now! My mom came and stayed at our house to watch the kids and Jared and I took off!

Levi, Beaner, me, Dad, & Dad's friend Farren
This is how we slept the first night. It was SO cold. I ended up climbing in Jared's sleeping bag with him...and I was still cold. When we woke up, there was a thick frost all over us!

My sweet husband carried me across this river so I wouldn't have to take my shoes off and get cold! We almost fell :)

This is one of the highlights for Jared...the whole trip he was looking for wildlife, he was quite disappointed until we saw these 2 moose. He got as close as he could and took so many pictures!

Tree House Museum - Ogden

When we were in Ogden at the Dinosaur Park, we decided to take the kids to the Tree House museum. I couldn't believe how many activities there were for the kids...they loved it!

Ally was so scared of these puppets!
Conner loved destroying the chess board