Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kennecott Copper Mines

Mar, my Mom and I all took the kids to the Kennecott Copper Mines. I could not believe how huge the mines were! It was amazing!

Girls Night!

Dinner at Pizza Factory and Fat Cats Bowling...A much needed break!

Martin's Cove Trek

Jared and I had the opportunity to go on trek with the youth to Martin's Cove. We were the Ma and Pa for our family of 8 kids! My mom has always had a special place in her heart for the pioneers and has taught us many of her favorite stories. It was fun to learn more about them! Here are a few pictures of our family!


A few months ago we took a family vacation to California! We had so much fun! We stayed with James and Christy (they live 5 minutes from the beach!). We went to Six flags, Disneyland and the beach! The amusement parks were not crowded at all so we picked a great time to go! While we were there, Jared and I celebrated out 6 year anniversary!

Mickey Mouse!! Ally was terrified of all the characters so I didn't get any pictures of her with any of them!

Conner was so fearless! He went on every roller coaster he could and never got scared. At Six Flags, he was so disappointed that he couldn't go on the adult rides!

James and Christy!