Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moore Family Reunion

We went camping at Porcupine Reservoir for our family reunion. It was so much fun! There was cliff jumping, canoeing, fishing, wind surfing, games, s'mores, relaxing, good company and amazing food!

Max's Baptism

Max was baptized on the 4th of July. It was such a special day! He is such a sweet boy and we love him so much!

Lehi Days

The best $89 we ever spent!

This double stroller has been the best investment! We took the kids for a little bike ride and all were fast asleep. It will be a sad day when we can't fit all three of the kids in the stroller.


Kevin and Dani did such a great job planning our family vacation this year. We went to Yellowstone and stayed in beautiful cabins with the whole family. They had everything scheduled so perfectly! We had such a great time sight seeing, hiking, eating, playing games and enjoying each others company. Thanks for putting it together!!

Mar and Dusty had to make out just to bug me!!

Alan played with the kids on the teeter-totter!
Old Faithful

We went on a lot of hikes and the kids were such troopers!

I was so grateful for the double stroller...luckily my kids can all fit in it. It made the trip so much easier. Not to mention the great work out I would get from pushing it!

Yellowstone - A few animals we saw...

Jared got so close to this grizzly bear just to get a good picture...I was not a happy wife! He had chased after a black bear the day before to get a picture, but was unsuccessful, so he just couldn't pass up the opportunity!
We are not quite sure what this was, but it was fun to see!
This buffalo was HUGE! My brother-in-law, Dusty got an awesome picture with it, but you will have to check our Mar's blog to see it.