Sunday, November 1, 2009

St. George Marathon

I had never had the desire to run a marathon until some girls in my neighborhood/ward were training for a Ragnar Relay Race. My family and I were going to be out of town during the race, so I couldn't participate. I ran with them in their training for the Ragnar and became pretty good friends with all of them. Some of the girls and I decided to register for the marathon, honestly not expecting to get in. When Ceri and I got in...I was shocked! We were both pretty nervous because neither of us had ever run over 6 miles! We had so much fun training together and became such good friends. We had lots of really early mornings, late nights, and runs we never thought we were capable of. When the marathon came, neither of us knew what to expect.
This was at 4:00 in the morning right before loading on the bus.
Mile 23ish
We finished!! Both of us were able to accomplish the goals we set! My goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon (3:40) and I finished in 3:36...barely making my goal :)
My husband was such a good support. He was always willing to watch the kids and came to all the races that I competed in during my training. He never complained about all the time/money it took for me to run the marathon. I am so lucky to have him!


Conner, Drew, Jaye Lee, Ethan, Isaac

Dinosaur Museum

Ally really wanted to take a nap on the stuffed dinosaurs.

Jaye Lee, Conner, Ethat, Isaac, Eli

Monster Truck Show

We went to the monster truck show with Doug and Tiff. Conner was in heaven! He loved how dirty and loud it was! We were all very entertained!

Neighborhood Campout

A few months ago, some friends from our neighborhood decided to go camping down in Mt. Pleasant. It was so fun! Good food, good company, beautiful scenery...couldn't ask for more!

Morgan, Jen, me, Mindy, Ceri, Jamie and Marsha

Halle, Tori and Ally. These two babies are destined to be friends. They were born on the same day, they almost had the same name and we live in the same neighborhood! They had so much fun together!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbow Lake

Every year, my dad goes back packing to Rainbow Lake in the Uintas (its about a 15 mile hike). Growing up, it was one of my favorite trips. Ever since I graduated, I haven't been back until now! My mom came and stayed at our house to watch the kids and Jared and I took off!

Levi, Beaner, me, Dad, & Dad's friend Farren
This is how we slept the first night. It was SO cold. I ended up climbing in Jared's sleeping bag with him...and I was still cold. When we woke up, there was a thick frost all over us!

My sweet husband carried me across this river so I wouldn't have to take my shoes off and get cold! We almost fell :)

This is one of the highlights for Jared...the whole trip he was looking for wildlife, he was quite disappointed until we saw these 2 moose. He got as close as he could and took so many pictures!

Tree House Museum - Ogden

When we were in Ogden at the Dinosaur Park, we decided to take the kids to the Tree House museum. I couldn't believe how many activities there were for the kids...they loved it!

Ally was so scared of these puppets!
Conner loved destroying the chess board

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinosaur Park - Ogden

Conner has been really interested in dinosaurs lately so we decided to go with Doug and Tiff to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. The kids had so much fun!

Ivy, Jaye, Miles, Ally, Max and Conner

Doug and Tiff...what a cute couple!!
Jared and Ally watching the ducks. I love this picture!
Our little family
We really wanted to get a pic of Miles and Conner, but they wouldn't cooperate. We finally told them to say a prayer and we snapped the shot!
Conner still has his gun obsession

Happy Birthday Jaye Lee!!

Jaye Lee turned 4 on July 22! I can't believe how fast she has grown up. She is such a good helper in our home. She is sweet and sassy and I love her so much! For her birthday we just had some of the kids in our neighborhood over for ice cream and let them run through the sprinklers.
The kids all set up their towels on the basketball court to get warm
Jared took Jaye on a date for her birthday. She was so excited! First thing that morning she got dressed and asked me to do her hair so she could be ready for her date! Jared let her decide what they were going to do...she picked a hamburger and ice cream cone from McDonalds! Cheap date!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moore Family Reunion

We went camping at Porcupine Reservoir for our family reunion. It was so much fun! There was cliff jumping, canoeing, fishing, wind surfing, games, s'mores, relaxing, good company and amazing food!