Tuesday, February 17, 2009

James and Chritsy's Wedding

We had such a fun weekend celebrating James and Christy's wedding. They were married on Valentines Day (it was so cold) in the Salt Lake Temple. Elder Scott sealed them together and the counsel he gave them was amazing. It was exciting to be in the presence of an Apostle! The spirit was so strong and only got stronger as they bore their testimonies at the luncheon.

Christy, we are so happy that James found you. I never thought he would find someone who fit him like a glove. You two are so missionary minded and are going to do amazing things together. Welcome to the family!

My Girls...I truly love them!

Kaitlyn, Ivy and Jaye

My two favorite boys. They take such good care of me!

Christy...Welcome to the Moore Fam!

Christy's Shower
Me, Christy, Tiff, Melissa (Justin's Fiance) and Shelley

Shelley, Grandma Hatch and Tiff

Visiting Grandpa Losee

Grandpa Losee really is a true hero. We have been able to visit him a few times this last month and we have loved learning about the amazing life he has lived. He was a nose gunner for the B-24s in World War 2 (occasionally he would even dropped the bombs). They completed 31 missions...after 30 missions they could have gone home but were asked to do one more and they accepted. It is remarkable they successfully completed all 31 considering when they went out on a mission they had a 50% chance of returning. He had written some amazing stories of how faith and prayer saved his life many times. With out the Gospel, my family and I would not be here! We love you Grandpa!

It was amazing how well he still played his harmonica! The kids always love hearing him play.

Jaye Lee and Conner each sang him a song...it was pretty cute!

Liz, Levi and Jr.

Ally's favorite spot!

Ally loves playing in the dining room chairs...they are just her size for playing on!