Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kennecott Copper Mines

Mar, my Mom and I all took the kids to the Kennecott Copper Mines. I could not believe how huge the mines were! It was amazing!

Girls Night!

Dinner at Pizza Factory and Fat Cats Bowling...A much needed break!

Martin's Cove Trek

Jared and I had the opportunity to go on trek with the youth to Martin's Cove. We were the Ma and Pa for our family of 8 kids! My mom has always had a special place in her heart for the pioneers and has taught us many of her favorite stories. It was fun to learn more about them! Here are a few pictures of our family!


A few months ago we took a family vacation to California! We had so much fun! We stayed with James and Christy (they live 5 minutes from the beach!). We went to Six flags, Disneyland and the beach! The amusement parks were not crowded at all so we picked a great time to go! While we were there, Jared and I celebrated out 6 year anniversary!

Mickey Mouse!! Ally was terrified of all the characters so I didn't get any pictures of her with any of them!

Conner was so fearless! He went on every roller coaster he could and never got scared. At Six Flags, he was so disappointed that he couldn't go on the adult rides!

James and Christy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Jared and I decided take a quick trip to Vegas for a weekend in March. We left Sunday and stayed the night in St. George with my sister. I was very spoiled getting to hold her baby Eva all that I wanted until we left on Monday! If any baby were going to make me "baby hungry" it would definitely be her! Anyway, we got to Vegas on Monday, checked in to our hotel and spent the day walking the strip and going into all the different casinos.

Tuesday, we spent the entire day shopping! It was great! Normally I don't love shopping, but it was so relaxing with no kids, I actually enjoyed it! That night we went to see "Ka" by Cirque Du Soleil. Amazing!

Wednesday, we met up with Jared's friend Don. He's in Vegas quite regularly for his dad's show "Donny and Marie" at the Flamingo Hotel. We rode go-carts, had dinner, and went to the show that night. After their show, we headed to Fremont Street. It was amazing! None of our pictures did it justice.

We were headed up to Donny's room and there were so many card board pictures of he and Marie, so Jared had to stop and take pictures at most of them. He was pretty excited to show Donny.
This was the view from his room
This is me with his Dancing with the Stars trophy! He had it in a box under his coffee table in his dressing room....random!
We had such a great trip! I fully intended on running while we were there...I didn't. We did eat at a buffet every night, so I had to do plenty of running when I got home to lose extra lbs!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brent's Mission Call

I can't believe that Beaner (my baby brother) is old enough the serve a mission! My family all met at our house on Thursday night to be together when he opened his call. He was wanting to go foreign so he was so excited when he found out he will be serving in Lisbon, Portugal! He leaves June 16! My parents have a lot to get ready for since they are picking up Richard from his mission in Brazil in April! They are going to be busy getting everything ready but are so excited for their missionaries! I am a horrible sister and didn't get any pictures but I wanted to post this exciting news!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Morning

The kids were so excited for Christmas! We opened pajamas on Christmas eve and the kids went to bed pretty early to let Santa come do his job! They were very good kids this year and got exactly what was on their letter for Santa (except for the DS Jaye Lee wanted. I told him she was a little too young for it! Maybe when she is older!)

I couldn't believe how fast this room got destroyed! We tried to have them take turns opening presents so they could all see what each other got but it was a wreck by the end of the morning!

Christmas with the Losee Family

We had Christmas dinner at Dusty and Mar's house this year. We always have so much fun when we all get together. It was good to talk to Richard, who is serving his mission in Brazil. The time has gone by so fast...he will be home in just a few months! We surprised my parents with tickets to go pick him up! They were so excited! Neither of them have ever been out of the country, so it should be interesting! Anyway, we had an amazing dinner, shared Christmas memories, and opened more presents!

One of the favorite presents among all the kids were towels (you will see them in about every picture!)

Every year, we get together with Jared's family for Christmas brunch, but I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures to share. James and Christy were here for the Holiday season, so we had a lot of family get togethers while they were here (rock climbing, basketball, movies, dinners, and lots of games!)

I love my family!

Weekend Getaway!

We put the kids to bed....

Played some games....

Played in the snow....

Did some sledding.....

We all had so much fun! Thanks Tyson and Ceri for being so hospitable! We have been so blessed with such great friends!